July 16, 2020

Ep. 2 - Spirituality, Astrology, and Overcoming Racism

We’ve entered the Aquarian Age, and everything is changing. Are you feeling the creation vibes yet? In this episode, Carolyn Coleridge is an LCSW, Author, Psychotherapist and Intuitive Healer, and in this episode she goes deep; she shares her extensive experience with ancestral psychic gifts, her wisdom around soul healing, and astrology/energy work as it applies to our collective culture today-- especially in the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd. This conversation will blow your mind, and there’s just too much good stuff to list in this description. Click play and see (hear) what I’m talking about.

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  • Listening to psychic premonitions
  • Overcoming racism using intuition and conscious learning
  • Foreseeing this time of protest
  • Ancestral psychic gifts
  • A discussion on White Fragility
  • Healing the psyche AND the soul
  • The Universal Original Body and the Universal Original Voice
  • The co-mingling of spiritual beliefs from different religions
  • Ancient spiritual foundations
  • Cultural programming



Click here to read Carolyn’s books

Watch Carolyn’s featured interview on CNN

Check out the book White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism


Connect with Carolyn Coleridge:

Website: https://www.intuitivesoulhealing.com/


Facebook: Intuitive SOULutions

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3qu0r_CNFY&feature=youtu.be


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